Promotion of physical activity in adults with visual impairment /

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Holbrook, Elizabeth
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Middle Tennessee State University
Visual impairment is currently the fourth-most prevalent class of disability in the United States. Despite a higher incidence of comorbidity and obesity among persons with vision loss, public health efforts aimed at promoting physical activity and health in persons with visual impairment do not currently exist. The grand objective of this dissertation was to lay the groundwork for conducting the first-known community-based walking intervention ("Walk for Health") designed specifically for adults with blindness. In studies 1 and 2, measurement issues related to accurately and reliably quantifying physical activity in persons with visual impairment are addressed. In Study 3, the impact of the Walk for Health program on the daily step activity and health status of adults with varying levels of vision loss is documented. As a result of this collection of studies, recommendations are offered to guide future research efforts aimed at promoting physical activity, fitness, and health among persons with visual impairment.
Adviser: Don Morgan.