Examining Leadership Orientations of NCAA Division I Athletic Director and Core Coach Finalists for the 2012-13 Learfield Directors' Cup

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Lawson, Michael Kristian
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Middle Tennessee State University
This study examined the self-perceived leadership orientations of successful athletic directors and core head coaches, as determined by being a Top 15 finalist in the 2012-13 Learfield Directors' Cup. This work expanded the current body of research that supports Bolman and Deal's (2003) multi-frame explanation that leaders may use different orientations when clarifying roles, or leading organizations.
Using the four-frame model (structural, human resource, political, and symbolic) by Bolman and Deal, this study sought to determine if there was a congruence of leadership orientations among the athletic directors and core head coaches. The study also identified which frames athletic directors and core head coaches perceive the most important leadership orientations to draw upon when leading their athletic department or teams.
The Leadership Orientation Survey developed by Bolman and Deal (2011) was sent to 15 athletic directors and 270 core head coaches that were eligible to participate as determined by being a 2012-13 Learfield Directors' Cup Finalists. Data was collected from 13 athletic directors responded and 141 core head coaches responded, for a total 154 respondents.
An analysis of the data revealed that athletic directors and core head coaches, through descriptive statistics, differed in the human resources and political frames of self-perceived leadership orientations. In addition, data analysis revealed there was a congruence in the structural and symbolic frames.