A Study of the Presence of Sahara Dust in the South Texas Sand Sheet, in Kenedy County, Texas

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Linstead, Kristie S
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Middle Tennessee State University
The South Texas Sand Sheet (STSS), located within Kenedy County, Texas, is a semi-stabilized dune system. Holocene and Pleistocene quartzose sands define the unique geologic substrate of the STSS. Dune migration and burial of vegetation have led to the development of interbedded paleosols within the dune system. Paleosols are a known repository for Sahara Dust, which has a significant impact on the geochemical makeup of sediments. This study used X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) and grain size analysis to detect the presence of Sahara Dust, grain size, and geochemistry within the study area. The grain size analysis showed a possible paleosol in Location 2 but no statistically significant results in Location 1. The geochemistry of the first location showed no real significance either. Geochemical analysis on four samples from Location 2 showed three distinct sediments. In the second location findings indicate the presence of elements found in Sahara dust.
Geology, Geochemistry