Introduction to aerobic walking : a manual for students.

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Bandy, Bill
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Middle Tennessee State University
With an increased interest in aerobic sports in the United States, people are looking for sports that are enjoyable, fun, free from injuries, and offer some degree of health benefits. Walking presents itself as one of top activities that fits these criteria. Walking is already the number one exercise activity for Americans, and additional people take up the sport of walking each year. With an older population returning to college and with young students seeking less physically taxing sports, colleges are beginning to offer courses in aerobic walking. The current books on walking are not designed or organized to give the beginning walker the basic knowledge of the sport. No book or manual exists specifically for the teaching of walking in college. The purpose of this study was to construct and develop a student instructional manual that would give the beginning walker the knowledge and techniques to develop a program of aerobic walking. The manual is presented in 14 chapters, a glossary, suggested walking course outline, references and appendix. The 14 chapters of the student text cover: walking history, questions and answers on walking, stretching routines, walking shoe selection, techniques of walking and training, biomechanics of walking, walking attire and aids, physiological and psychological values of walking, walking injuries, nutrition guidelines, racewalking, and walking program motivation. The course outline contains an instructor's manual and other walking-related aids to help the student get involved in a sound walking program.