Overuse Injuries in Pediatric and Adolescent Athletes and Sport Participation

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Clutter, Chelsey Reid
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Middle Tennessee State University
Children are becoming more involved in organized and recreational sports, which increases the likelihood of an overuse injury occurring (Brenner, 2007). This can be detrimental to young athletes and can affect their social, psychological and physiological well-being. The purpose of this study is to analyze the physician's opinion about the relationship of multiple sport athletes and specialization and overuse injuries in youth athletes. Descriptive analysis was run and used to show the results of how primary care and sports medicine physicians answered the questions used for analysis. The data revealed significant results that athletes should cross train and not specialize in sports and the type of sport participated in has an effect on the type of overuse injury sustained. Specifically, this study is also a great tool to help prevent overuse injuries by educating parents, children and coaches
Keywords: overuse, pediatric, adolescent, sport medicine physician, primary care physician
Adolescent, Overuse, Pediatric, Specialization, Sport injuries, Sports