The Effect of Virtual Reality on Destination Image: A Case Study of Education Abroad Programs

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Collins, Sarah Elise
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Middle Tennessee State University
The goal of this paper is to determine the effect that a virtual reality tourism experience has on destination image, focusing on destinations that are available through the study abroad program. Virtual reality tourism has the potential to encourage participation in travel and tourism by allowing participants to virtually visit the destination beforehand, which could lead to a decline in fear and apprehension of other cultures. Participants were asked to complete a pre-survey, partake in a virtual reality tourism experience, and then to complete a post-survey to determine any changes their behavioral intention or perception of a destination. The survey instrument for this study focused on three major areas of comparison: behavioral intention, perception of infrastructure, attractions, and people, and destination image. The results of this study showed significant shift in participants’ behavioral intention to travel, perception of infrastructure, attractions, and people, and destination image after the virtual reality tourism experience.
Educational technology, Recreation