Rise and Fall of the Regional Jet

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Sedghi, Brian Kameron
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Middle Tennessee State University
Over the course of more than two decades, the aviation industry has seen the introduction of the regional jet and witnessed the many operational benefits that it has presented airlines. Its future, however, hangs in the balance as record fuel prices and other economic and operational factors seem to threaten its existence in the capacity that it holds today. This research paper attempts to explore some of the factors that have both helped the regional jet find its place within the industry and also factors that have been linked to the threat against its future use. One of the two factors discussed in this paper will be the effect of fuel cost on the operational costs between a time that regional jets were considered viable and present day. The other will be the effect on market capacity that has been presented by the regional jet since its introduction more than two decades ago. In addition to these factors, other reasons for the potential discontinuation of the regional jet will be discussed including the effects of pilot unions on airline operations.