Bringing art to the library: An undergraduate art education collaborative with the Curriculum Materials Center

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Reed, Karen Nourse
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Middle Tennessee State University, James E. Walker Library
In 2013, one Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) located in an academic library in Tennessee began to examine ways by which to increase awareness of its collection among students, faculty, and the greater community. The CMC director initiated an art display program on a prominent wall outside the library unit. Over the past two and a half years, the program has transformed from a marketing initiative into an instructional program for the university’s College of Education students in which state K-12 standards and teaching pedagogy are emphasized. The art initiative has additionally changed from its inception by becoming a collaboration with undergraduate art education students. This case study will discuss the goals, achievements, and evolution of the art initiative. Future directions of the program will be discussed, as well as implications for assessment.
The article was originally published by The Reading Room: A Journal of Special Collections (spring 2017), and is available at
Curriculum Materials Center, Library marketing, Undergraduate art education, Library instruction, Library Outreach, K-12 education standards
The Reading Room: A Journal of Special Collections