The Relationship Between Turnover & Team Performance in Major League Soccer

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Boynton, Austin James
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Middle Tennessee State University
This study examined the relationship between turnover and team performance within teams that played for Major League Soccer. A common widespread belief exists that if team performance is low in team sports, turnover is the solution. Thus, this study attempts to expand upon the turnover and team performance literature, as well as is an attempt to explain additional variance within team performance for teams in Major League Soccer. Using literature on team dynamics, the research team examined the many potentially intervening variables within this relationship. A concomitant time series analysis was then conducted to further investigate this relationship within such a unique context. Results suggest an insignificant relationship of within-season turnover on team performance and team performance on within-season turnover. Further examination is needed to resolve this convoluted relationship and explain incremental variance in team performance for soccer teams.
Concomitant Time Series, Major League Soccer, Team Performance, Turnover, Sports management, Occupational psychology