A guide to selected traditional dances of the Bendel state of Nigeria.

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Atakpu, Benedict
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Middle Tennessee State University
The purpose of this dissertation was to develop a guide that would assist any person attempting to study and understand the history of the traditional dances of the Bendel State of Nigeria. The guide can be used to help prepare future educators at the teacher training colleges and public schools. The study is divided into seven chapters according to topical information. Photographs and figures are included to aid in the explanation of the dance costumes, instruments used, and dance formations. A list of learning objectives is included in each chapter pertaining to the information presented. In addition, each chapter includes an introduction, historical background, costumes, instruments used, preparation, formations, and steps for each dance. In chapter 1, the Eluemosi, Ugba, Ugie, and Irovimwin Life-Cycle ceremonial dances are discussed. Chapter 2 includes the Ema, Emomorhe, and Itakpo Elders' ceremonial dances. Chapter 3 includes the Igbabonelimi, Okakagbe, and Okere Masquerade ceremonial dances. In chapter 4, the Agbega, Agie, and Edjewhor Maidens' dances are discussed. Chapter 5 includes the Egwu Dibie, Ishe, and Olokun Ritual ceremonial dances. The Agobonejie, Egwu Amalabuyo, and Ihoko Vocational ceremonial dances are discussed in chapter 6. In chapter 7, the Abisua, Idju, Ine, Ivbri, and Oviethe War ceremonial dances are discussed. It is hoped that people who read the guide will be more aware of the importance and tradition of the various ceremonial dances and their relevance in the lives of the current inhabitants of the Bendel State of Nigeria.