Croquet : a manual for beginning instruction.

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Gregory, Jackie
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Middle Tennessee State University
The game of croquet has proliferated all levels of American society and is currently played by people from all walks of life. In fact, croquet has a professional, collegiate, as well as a layman following. Furthermore, croquet is played across many college campuses around the country on a club or sub-varsity level with some campuses even offering classes for college credit. Thus, a need exists for information instructing individuals on proper techniques, rules, and strategies in playing croquet, especially for a college course. Therefore, this project was undertaken to fill the need of providing a manual for teaching a college course in croquet.
The manual consists of four chapters. The first provides a brief introduction to croquet while the second describes the history. The third chapter is pedagogically oriented, and it depicts the basic stances, grips, swing, and shots of croquet. And, lastly, the final chapter provides a glossary of terms important to the game.