An evaluation of the teaching status of physical education graduates at Missouri Southern State College.

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Phillips, James
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Middle Tennessee State University
This study was designed to identify and describe the adequacy and/or inadequacy of the professional preparation program in physical education at Missouri Southern State College as perceived by its graduates. Additionally, it was to determine the status of the graduates of that program during the years 1969 to 1982.
The purpose of this study was to gather information for the formulation of conclusions and recommendations related to the on-going evaluation, expansion, and development of a professional curriculum at Missouri Southern State College for those majoring in physical education. To do so, the study was designed to: (1) determine the strengths and weaknesses of the undergraduate professional preparation program and make recommendations based upon those findings, (2) describe the educational background and personal characteristics of the graduates, (3) determine the nature and extent of the graduates' teaching positions, (4) identify the type of employment of non-teaching graduates, and (5) ascertain the extent of the professonal growth of the graduates through their involvement in professional organizations and through graduate study.
A questionnaire, a revised version originally developed by Dr. John C. McDonald, was the principal instrument for the study. One hundred sixty-eight usable questionnaires were returned. The 168 were acquired from an original list of 278 graduates.
The results of the study indicated that a diverse faculty is available to the undergraduate. Although graduates felt their preparation for teaching was adequate, many expressed a concern for relevancy of theory courses to the realities of the classroom. The graduates felt that this concern could be improved by involving the student in the teaching process earlier in their college years before they were required to student teach. Other recommendations included the improvement of advisement and counseling procedures and the development of a department placement service for undergraduates. Also, the graduates believed that student majors should be encouraged to be involved in the intramural program in planning, organizing, and officiating.
The data show there were areas in which the graduates were not satisfied and areas where improvements need to be made. However, all 168 graduates surveyed stated they would recommend Missouri Southern State College's professional preparation program to prospective students.