Marble Industry of East Tennessee, Ca. 1838-1963: Multiple Property Nomination

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West, Carroll Van
Knowles, Susan W.
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Center for Historic Preservation, Middle Tennessee State University
This Multiple Property Submission is based in part on a historic architectural and cultural resources survey conducted during 2012-2013 by Carroll Van West, architectural historian, and Susan W. Knowles, public historian. The associated nomination includes Geo-referencing and assessments on the following historic contexts: The Discovery of East Tennessee Marble, 1838-150; Railroads and the Marketing of East Tennessee Marble, 1850-1890; East Tennessee Marble and Tennessee's Industrial Era, 1890-1940; Decline and Transformation in the East Tennessee Marble Industry, 1940-1963
marble, building materials, architecture, geology, National Gallery of Art, Morgan Library, Knox County, TN, Blount County, TN, Hawkins County, TN, Candoro Marble Company, Gray-Knox Marble Company, Tennessee Marble Company, Knoxville Marble Company, John M Ross, Frank S Mead, John J Craig, J. B. Jones, Harmon Kreis, W. R. Monday, William Patrick, George W. Ross