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The Professional Project Collection is part of the College of Media and Entertainment, School of Journalism and Strategic Media community.

These projects are a culminating capstone option for candidates in the Media and Communication master’s program. Within the professional project track, candidates pursue a creative approach to journalism/media-related topics, producing an alternative format to an academic study, such as a documentary, series of journalistic articles, or a public relations campaign. The other option, a thesis, is currently stored in JEWLScholar's Theses and Dissertations Collection.

Professional projects are usually composed of a written introduction, the product (e.g. documentary, series of journalistic articles, public relations campaign book and materials), and a written conclusion.

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Resources: Submission instructions for students (forthcoming) and how to use your thesis/capstone once it's published.


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    A Wealth of Suppression
    ( 2022-05-12) Bryan Staples
    “A Wealth of Suppression” is a documentary that examines the role an individuals’ socioeconomic status plays in their participation in an election. In the fall of 2020, despite a global pandemic, one hundred and fifty-eight million Americans voted in our country’s presidential election ( Even though there was a record turnout of American voters, there were still twenty-three percent of Americans age eighteen and older who didn’t participate in the election ( Is it possible that an individual’s socioeconomic status has influence on whether that individual decides to vote, not for one particular candidate or another, but did they actually cast a ballot in that election?