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The capstone experience of the Honors College curriculum is the thesis, conducted across two consecutive semesters. This unique opportunity allows students to conduct scholarly research or a creative project under the direct guidance of faculty mentors.

A thesis project is required of every student who graduates from the University Honors College. The purpose of the thesis or project is to prepare the student for graduate or professional school, to provide an opportunity for the student to complete a scholarly or creative project of significant proportions, and to gain a new perspective on knowledge by becoming a contributor to the recognized knowledge in a particular field of study. This experience provides invaluable preparation and a competitive edge to students applying to graduate or professional schools.

Honors College Thesis Archives Collection is now preserved online through Walker Library’s institutional repository called JEWLScholar and are indexed in the library’s catalog. The thesis archives prior to 2015, are printed copies maintained in Special Collections (4th floor) of the James E. Walker Library and are also indexed in the library catalog.

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    High Performance Scientific Computing as a Service in the Cloud
    (University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University, 2021-08-02) Seaton, Terryn
    This thesis explores the process of developing and testing of a containerized Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server using a cloud-based resource model to successfully authenticate users as part of a high-performance computing (HPC) workflow for Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). In industry, it is commonplace to have an HPC workflow, but not have the orchestration capabilities provided by a cloud computing resource model. As a result, the work done for this thesis serves as a functional prototype to the creation of a containerized LDAP server on a HPC cloud computing cluster. Future work can be done by MTSU to establish a workflow that will package all the development tools students use during their time at the university.
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    Where the Violence of the System Meets the Violence of the Revolution: A Look at the Battle between Machismo and Feminism in Allende’s La casa de los espíritus
    (University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University, 2021-07-31) Roberts, Colleen
    This thesis analyzes Isabel Allende’s La casa de los espíritus as a work of intersectional feminist literature that emphasizes female characters’ confrontation with machismo. Through an in-depth exploration of four main characters, the thesis illustrates how machismo and feminism are brought to life in the novel and how they counter each other. Esteban Trueba serves as the embodiment of the authoritative and patriarchal values that characterize machismo. On the other hand, Clara del Valle Trueba, Blanca Trueba, and Alba Trueba serve as examples of feminism and each defy the patrón in their own individual ways. Based on social issues and historical events that still plague Latin America at present, Allende’s tale of female activism, voice, and spirit is still as relevant in the fight against misogyny today as it was forty years ago.
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    Operator Symmetry on Functions
    (University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University, 2021-04-28) Seule, Khora
    All functions possess symmetries over their input with certain operators. So-called Symmetry-Sets over a given function and operator are the sets of objects that can be operated with the input to the function under that operator without effecting the output of the function. This work shows that when the domain of a function forms algebraic structure – e.g. a Monoid, Group, Ring, etc. – with a given operator or pair of operators, the Symmetry-Sets over the same operator(s) have many nice properties. The work develops and enumerates many interesting results on so-called Tessellations – functions from the integers to some at-least cancellative-algebra – using the structure of Symmetry-Sets on them, i.e. Period-Sets when speaking of Tessellations. The behavior of the principal period of any given Tesselation is detailed, as well as how they interact with each-other when Tesselations are operated together using generalized function-operators. Briefly, a venue is developed for studying these Symmetry-Sets more thoroughly, by introducing the notion of Allgebras, an element set paired with the set of all definable operators on the element set. In this context, algebraic structures are relations between subsets of elements and operators.
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    Taboo and Offensive Language in Audiovisual Translation: A Spanish to English Case Study of the Television Series Paquita Salas
    (University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University, 2021-04-25) Wilkinson, MicKayla
    Subtitling and translating works are incredibly difficult tasks to tackle, especially in the case of taboo and offense language. In the world of audiovisual translation, there is a limited amount of research on this problem, specifically on translations from Spanish to English. This project analyzes the subtitles from the Netflix original show Paquita Salas, which was originally created in the Spanish language. Specifically, this study considers the offensive Spanish word, “puta”, which appears seventeen times within the first season of the show, as a case study. This word, by itself or paired with other words in a phrase, can be translated into English to mean a large variety of different things, ranging from “prostitute”, to “freaking”, to “son of a bitch.” This project reveals that of the five impacts (maintained, softened, intensified, neutralized, or omitted) that can occur because of the translation of the offensive word or phrase, over half of the time the impact is one that alters the intent of the word from its original form. This can be for many reasons, many of which relate to the translator’s culture and that of the translated text. When meanings get lost in translation in different forms of media, much confusion can be created for the viewers. It is crucial that subtitles reflect the original intent of the message. This thesis allows others to see examples of these types of errors, as well as the ability to teach from its findings. By identifying common patterns and mistakes, translators are able to ensure that they make an effort to prevent it from happening.
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    Examining the Binding Affinity of Ribose to YME1L-AAA+ By Competition Titrations
    (University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University, 2021-04-21) West, Justin
    YME1L is an ATP-dependent protease that is involved in both protein quality control and regulation of mitochondrial morphology. One method to detect binding interactions of this protein is through the use of a fluorescently tagged ATP, known as MANT-ATP. ATP is made of a sugar, ribose, a triphosphate group, and a nitrogenous base, adenine. Binding assays that utilize MANT-ATP have been widely used, but sometimes questioned due to possible non-specific binding interactions. The purpose of this study is to look at the difference in interactions between unmodified ATP and the fluorescent analog MANT-ATP. Results show that MANT-ATP binds to not only the active site of the protein, but possibly multiple sites due to non-specific interactions occurring at high MANT-ATP concentration. Furthermore, we look at how ATP binding is affected by the presence of ribose to look at a possible competition effect. These results show that ribose is in fact able to bind to the ATP binding site alone without the presence of adenine or the phosphates.