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    Why are some United Nations peacekeeping operations more successful than others?
    (Middle Tennessee State University, 2014-11) Mailyan, Emiliya K. ; Liberal Arts
    The most often used method for stopping conflicts such as civil wars and genocides is peacekeeping by the United Nations. But these operations don't always work completely. In fact, they prove to sometimes be great failures. But what can we consider to be a success? According to the UN, a success in peacekeeping is defined as an operation where basic security guarantees and response to crises were provided, as well as support for political transitions and fragile new state institutions. The UN lists operations in countries such as Cambodia and El Salvador to have been successful in ending conflict and promoting normal development, even if major peacebuilding challenges remain. However, there have been instances of failure (where the above criteria weren't met), and the UN considers the operations in Rwanda and Bosnia among them. To determine the chance of success, I have examined research on the effects of four factors on four countries, and I have produced the a causal model with hypotheses.
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    An Examination of American Women's Participation in Pill Sharing Networks
    (Middle Tennessee State University, 2015-03-20) Cynthia Bass-Thomas M.S. ; Amber J. Dorsey M.S. ; Norman Weatherby PhD. ; Health & Human Performance
    Background: In 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported widespread prescription opioid use among reproductive-aged women, and these women have an increased risk of death from an overdose. Limited research is available regarding pill sharing networks and prescription drug abuse. Therefore, this study will examine the relationship between women’s participation in pill sharing
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    New Teachers: Navigating the World of Professional Learning Communities
    (Middle Tennessee State University, 2015-03-20) Elizabeth Vest ; Education
    From a social constructivist and pragmatist point of view, this qualitative case study looks at how new teacher navigate working within a Professional Learning Community or PLC team. Through structured interviews, the researcher explored how new teachers with less than 3 years of experience adjusted to working within a Professional Learning Community (PLC). Full article (pages 1-23) located at
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    (Middle Tennessee State University, 2015-03-20) Tara Prairie, Graduate Student, Bethany Wrye, Faculty, Norman Weatherby, Faculty ; Sharon Parente, Library Faculty ; Health & Human Performance
    Enacted stigma involves labeled individuals being treated differently from or denied access to resources available to non-labeled individuals. When studying stigma in the medical field, researchers tend to focus on the extent to which labeled patients feel or internalize stigma and then avoid situations or interactions to prevent anticipated stigmatization. The purpose of this bibliographic citati
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    A Comparison of Garbage Collected in Two Limited Income Communities
    (Middle Tennessee State University, 2015-03-20) O'Dell, Joey ; Whitlock, Sydney ; Anthropology
    Garbology is the study of modern refuse in order to gain knowledge and understanding of modern society through material objects through a medium of something that is generally hidden from view: garbage. It is our contention that debris left over by two generationally diverse, yet economically similar, communities may give us insight into how the limited incomes of these two groups are being spent.