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    Where Burnout and Leadership Intersect: Implications From, and for, Academic Library (and Other Higher Education) Stakeholders
    (American Library Association, 2023) Garczynski, Joyce ; Jennings, Karlene Noel ; Schmand, Kathleen L.
    As evidenced by both the Chronicle of Higher Education and Harvard Business Review issuing special reports on the topic in early 2021, burnout has become a hot-button issue in American workplaces. While burnout can manifest in individuals in numerous ways, it can also be catastrophic and expensive for organizations, including academic libraries, if it is left unaddressed by leadership. As a result, this chapter looks at how leadership changes can create uncertainty that exacerbates employee burnout. We present three case studies from three different points of view to show how leadership can make a difference in librarian and library staff burnout. Ultimately, we argue that the renewed focus on burnout, performance measurement, and assessment presents university and academic library leaders with the opportunity to prevent their organizations from being consumed by burnout.
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    Assessment of Visual Arts Projects Produced by Library Student Employees
    ( 2018-12-05) Reed, Karen Nourse
    University libraries employ students to perform a variety of entry-level tasks. With planning and commitment from library personnel, this employment can provide additional educational opportunities for students through mentoring, reinforcement of coursework, and even support of career goals post-graduation. This poster will describe the research-in-progress at one public university library employing students to complete visual arts projects in support of library marketing and teaching initiatives. The focus of this research is on the use of portfolio assessment as a means to evaluate and guide student creative works produced as a function of their library employment. Presented at the Association of Research Libraries Library Assessment Conference 2018.
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    School Librarians as Co-Teachers of Literacy: Librarian Perceptions and Knowledge in the Context of the Literacy Instruction Role
    (School Library Research, 2018-07) Reed, Karen N ; Oslund, Eric L
    The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) has created additional opportunities for school librarians to collaborate with classroom teachers, reading specialists, and other educators in support of schools’ literacy goals. This potential for expanded collaboration suggests a need for increased focus on reading instruction as part of the school librarian’s workload. For a variety of reasons, school librarians may not see this role as a priority within the scope of their many other duties. This convergent mixed-methods study sought to examine the effect of a professional development series emphasizing reading comprehension strategies on school librarians’ knowledge and perceptions. Results indicated that participants experienced statistically significant knowledge gains as well as increased acceptance of an enhanced role in literacy instruction.
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    Bringing art to the library: An undergraduate art education collaborative with the Curriculum Materials Center
    (Middle Tennessee State University, James E. Walker Library, 2017) Reed, Karen Nourse
    In 2013, one Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) located in an academic library in Tennessee began to examine ways by which to increase awareness of its collection among students, faculty, and the greater community. The CMC director initiated an art display program on a prominent wall outside the library unit. Over the past two and a half years, the program has transformed from a marketing initiative into an instructional program for the university’s College of Education students in which state K-12 standards and teaching pedagogy are emphasized. The art initiative has additionally changed from its inception by becoming a collaboration with undergraduate art education students. This case study will discuss the goals, achievements, and evolution of the art initiative. Future directions of the program will be discussed, as well as implications for assessment.
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    How to Find a Book on the Library Shelves
    ( 2008-10-15) Turney, Linda
    A short instructional video for students at Sam Houston State University's Library to locate a book on the library shelves. Video describes how to locate a specific title in the online catalog, write down the call number and location, and then navigate the library to retrieve the specific book.