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  • Collage Editorial Board (Middle Tennessee State University Honors College, 2020-04)
    Middle Tennessee State University student creative journal featuring poetry, photography, short stories, art, song lyrics, videos, audio, short plays written by current students and recent graduates
  • Arete 
    Honors College (University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University, 2020-03)
    The Honors magazine, Arete, publishes news stories about and for MTSU Honors students, faculty, and alumni
  • Collage Editorial Board (Middle Tennessee State University, 2019-11)
    Middle Tennessee State University arts and literary journal features poetry, prose, short plays, song lyrics, art, design, and photography from current students and recent graduates.
  • Digital Scholarship Initiatives (Digital Scholarship Initaitives, James E. Walker Library, Middle Tennessee State University, 2019)
    Walker Library Digital Scholarship Initiatives supports individual and collaborative digital scholarship projects in research, teaching, and public outreach from any discipline on campus. The Digital Seed Grant is an annual ...
  • Arete 
    Honors College (University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University, 2019-10-22)
    The Honors magazine, Arete, publishes news stories about and for MTSU Honors students, faculty, and alumni.
  • Lermer, Mitchell; Johns, Andew L.; Shibusawa, Naoko; Endy, Christopher; Hixson, Walter L; Hindell, Kenneth; Little, Doug; Rabe, Steve; Miller, John; Haynes, John Earl (SHAFR; Middle Tennessee State University, 2008-12)
  • Lermer, Mitchell; Suri, Jeremi; Schwartz, Thomas Alan; Hanhumaki, Jussi; Keefer, Edward C; Gray, William Glen; Kasten, Anna; Cumings, Bruce; Mastny, Vojtech; Leffler, Melvyn; Ahlberg, Kristin L; Zeiler, Thomas W; Walker, J. Samuel; Holzweiss, Robert; Wood, Jeff (SHAFR; Middle Tennessee State University, 2008-08)
  • Lermer, Mitchell; Fuchs, Meredith; Engerman, David C.; Zeiler, Thomas; Cullather, Nicholas; Latham, Michael E; Sayward, Amy L (SHAFR; Middle Tennessee State University, 2008-04)
  • Lermer, Mitchell; Miller, Edward; Kaiser, David; Anderson, David L; Laderman, Scott; Moyar, Mark (SHAFR; Middle Tennessee State University, 2007-12)
  • Lermer, Mitchell; Yoshii, Midori; Krenn, Michael L; Tully, John Day; Zeiler, Thomas W (SHAFR; Middle Tennessee State University, 2007-08)
  • Lermer, Mitchell; Weinstein, Barbara; Rogers, Daniel T; Rosenberg, Emily S; Etheridge, Brian; Glickman, Lawrence; de Grazia, Victoria (v, 2007-04)
  • Lermer, Mitchell; Loayza, Matthew; DeRoche, Andy; Sowell, Randy; Wilson, Sara (SHAFR; Middle Tennessee State University, 2006-12)
  • Lermer, Mitchell; Brigham, Robert K.; Moise, Edwin E; Foster, Anne L; Logevall, Fredrik; Porter, Gareth (SHAFR; Middle Tennessee State University, 2006-08)
  • Lermer, Mitchell; Selverstone, Marc J.; Asselin, Pierre; Cresswell, Michael; Messenger, David A; Etheridge, Brain; Coyle, Carmel (SHAFR; Middle Tennessee State University, 2006-04)
  • Lermer, Mitchell; Buzzanco, Robert; Zeiler, Tom; William, Colonel; Donagly, Greg; Werking, Richard Hume; Walcher, Dustin (SHAFR; Middle Tennessee State University, 2005-12)
  • Lermer, Mitchell; Rotter, Andrew J.; Heiss, Mary Ann; Immerman, Richard; Gramer, Regina; Gaddis, John Lewis (SHAFR; Middle Tennessee State University, 2005-08)
  • Lermer, Mitchell; Bradley, Mark Philip; Millett, Allan R; Roberts, Moss; Young, Marilyn B (SHAFR; Middle Tennessee State University, 2005-04)
  • Lermer, Mitchell; Stoler, Mark A; Schaffer, Robert; Matray, James I.; Giangreco, D. M.; Kennedy, Stuart; Asselin, Pierre (SHAFR; Middle Tennessee State University, 2004-12)
  • Lermer, Mitchell; Stoler, Mark A.; Bernstein, Barton J.; Galpern, Steven G; Schulzinger, Robert D.; Briley, Ron; Wilson, John (SHAFR; Middle Tennessee State University, 2004-08)
  • Lermer, Mitchell; Stoler, Mark A; Hill, Richard; Jonas, Manfred; Doenecke, Justus; Cole, Wayne; Schoonover, Thomas; Siekmeier, James F.; Cobbs-Hoffman, Elisabeth (SHAFR; Middle Tennessee State University, 2004-04)

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