Beyond Just Studying. What First Year Freshmen Need To Succeed.

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Sikorski, Matthew
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Middle Tennessee State University
This study conducted a training needs assessment on the administrative and organizational navigation tasks and knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required of Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) first year freshmen to be able to function as an MTSU student. It also served as a program evaluation of the MTSU CUSTOMS freshmen orientation program, on the extent and quality it trained on the administrative and organizational navigation tasks and KSAs that were found. Utilizing focus groups and subsequent surveys with subject matter experts, a list of tasks and a list of KSAs were created. A test was created to test freshmen on these tasks and KSAs. Frequency distributions were run with comparison groups to assess the level of KSAs MTSU freshmen possess. Results indicate that there are skill gaps related to specific KSAs required of freshmen, and suggestions for further training are provided.
College Orientation, Program Evaluation, Training Needs Assessment