A curriculum manual for educational dance in church-related schools.

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Higginbotham, Jo
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Middle Tennessee State University
The purpose of this study was to develop a curriculum and instructional manual for educational dance in Church of God schools in particular and other church-related schools in general, preshcool through twelfth grade. The dance forms selected were creative, modern, liturgical, and folk. These forms seem most appropriate due to the nature of the manual and because of their contribution to the total development of students.
After extensive review of related literature, including several states' dance curricula, an educational dance curriculum of five developmental levels was organized. Development Level I consists of preschool through grade 1; Developmental Level II, grades 2 and 3; Developmental Level III, grades 4-6; Developmental Level IV, grades 7-8; Developmental Level V, grades 9-12.
Included in the manual are methods and materials for teaching educational dance and sample lesson plans for the selected dance forms at all developmental levels. Supplementary sources and materials are included in the appendix.
Major Professor: Katherine Strobel.