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College of Behavioral and Health Sciences


Welcome to the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences, the newest college at Middle Tennessee State University. We were created to focus on preparing research-based service providers, and I think you'll find that MTSU provides the best education in health, mental health, and human services in the state. I'm glad you're visiting us, and I look forward to seeing you on our campus.

Harold D. Whiteside, Ph.D., Dean, College of Behavioral and Health Sciences

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  • Brinthaupt, Thomas M.; Chin, Chul M. (Middle Tennessee State University, Department of Psychology, 2001)
    Research has neglected to examine the experiential aspects of academic cramming. In the present study, we assessed the relationship between cramming and Csikszentmihalyi's (1990, 1997) flow state. We expected that experiencing ...
  • Brinthaupt, Thomas M.; Fisher, Lawanna S.; Gardner, Justin G.; Raffo, Deana M.; Woodward, Jennifer B. (Middle Tennessee State University, Department of Psychology, 2011-12)
    As a core project, a university eLearning Pedagogy Faculty Learning Community (FLC) chose to apply recommendations for the “art” of good teaching to the online realm. There is relatively little discussion of this issue ...
  • Cottle, C. Adam; Cottle, Frederick S.; Bell, Thomas W. (Middle Tennessee State UniversityIntellect Ltd., Journal of Fashion, Style and Popular Culture, Vol 2, Issue 2, 2015)
    Many musicians working in the avant-garde of American jazz in the post-Civil Rights era publicly aligned themselves with black power cultural ideologies. The Afrocentric fashions worn by some of these musicians were a ...
  • Cottle, Frederick S. (Middle Tennessee State University, 2014-10)
    Conference presentation on human body form related to apparel sizing.
  • Cottle, Frederick S.; Ulrich, Pamela V.; Teel, Karla P. (Middle Tennessee State University2014 Conference Proceedings edited by Hometrica Consulting - Switzerland, 2014-10-21)
    Past research in the field of somatology (human body measurement) related to the fit of apparel has focused on the current apparel manufacturing process flow. In the current system, three dimensional (3D) body form is ...
  • Gordon, Reyna L.; Schön, Daniele; Magne, Cyrille; Astésano, Corine; Besson, Mireille; Rodriguez-Fornells, Antoni (2010-02-26)
    Language and music, two of the most unique human cognitive abilities, are combined in song, rendering it an ecological model for comparing speech and music cognition. The present study was designed to determine whether ...
  • O’Neal, Eric K.; Caufield, Christina R.; Lowe, Jordan B.; Stevenson, Mary C.; Davis, Brett A.; Thigpen, Lauren K. (2013-12-10)
    This study examined 24-h post-run hydration status and sweat loss estimation accuracy in college age runners (men = 12, women = 8) after completing a 1-h self-paced outdoor run (wet bulb globe temperature = 19.9 ± 3.0 ...