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    Detection of hydrogen using graphene
    ( 2012-03-23) Ehemann, Robert C ; Krstić, Predrag S ; Dadras, Jonny ; Kent, Paul RC ; Jakowski, Jacek
    Irradiation dynamics of a single graphene sheet bombarded by hydrogen atoms is studied in the incident energy range of 0.1 to 200 eV. Results for reflection, transmission, and adsorption probabilities, as well as effects of a single adsorbed atom to the electronic properties of graphene, are obtained by the quantum-classical Monte Carlo molecular dynamics within a self-consistent-charge-density functional tight binding formalism We compare these results with those, distinctly different, obtained by the classical molecular dynamics.
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    Direct laser trapping for measuring the behavior of transfused erythrocytes in a sickle cell anemia patient
    ( 2012-08-16) Pellizzaro, Aline ; Welker, Gabriel ; Scott, David ; Solomon, Rance ; Cooper, James ; Farone, Anthony ; Farone, Mary ; Mushi, Robert S. ; Aguinaga, Maria del Pilar ; Erenso, Daniel
    Using a laser trap, we have studied the properties of erythrocytes from a sickle cell anemia patient (SCA) after receiving an intravenous blood transfusion, and a normal adult individual carrying normal adult hemoglobin. The hemoglobin type and quantitation assessment was carried out by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). We conducted an analysis of the size distributions of the cells. By targeting those erythrocytes in the overlapping regions of size distributions, we have investigated their properties when the cells are trapped and released. The efficacy of the transfusion treatment is also studied by comparing the relative changes in deformation and the relaxation-time of the cells in the two samples.