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The mission of the Political Economy Research Institute is to  engage undergraduate and graduate students with faculty in  research that will further the understanding of business and economic principles and their impact on regional, national, and international financial conditions and the well-being of society. Our  working and policy paper series collect and promote the research  being done by scholars and students affiliated with the Political Economy Research Institute

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Recent Submissions

  • Smith, Daniel J. (SSRN Working Paper, 2018-08-29)
    Can committee election and rotation (CER) for public office supplement formal terms and term limits to achieve more frequent office rotation without incurring, to the same extent, the associated turnover costs of a term ...
  • Smith, Daniel J.; Crowley, George R.; Lequizamon, J. Sebastian (SSRN Working Paper, 2018-08-29)
    Can informal term limits place binding constraints on executives? And, are there conditions under which an electorate would forego formal term limits in favor of informal term limits? Formal term limits face three primary ...

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