The Impact of Growth Mindset Intervention on Vocabulary, Comprehension, Persistence, and Self-Perception

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Griffin, Natalie M
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Middle Tennessee State University
One potential contributor to student achievement that has garnered recent attention is student mindset. A recent review of the literature on the effect of a growth mindset intervention on students' academic achievement has shown small effects, but limited research has been conducted with young students. Research on contextual analysis strategies has indicated effectiveness of instruction in context clues to improve word-learning skills and vocabulary development. There is, however, a gap in recent research focused on elementary students. This study investigated whether students who received a growth mindset intervention in addition to regular vocabulary instruction would make greater gains in vocabulary development, using contextual analysis strategies. Rising second and third graders (N = 34) were randomly assigned to two conditions providing vocabulary instruction, with one condition providing additional instruction in growth mindset. Data analysis using ANCOVA and ANOVA determined that there were no significant differences between treatment and control groups on outcomes of vocabulary knowledge, comprehension, persistence, or self-perception. The intervention did suggest a possible practical relationship between growth mindset and self-perception through moderate effect sizes.
Comprehension, Growth Mindset, Persistence, Self-Perception, Vocabulary, Reading instruction, Elementary education, Educational psychology