How Can Parental Involvement In Formative Assessment Impact Math Achievement In 4th Grade?

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Griffith, Amanda Gail
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Middle Tennessee State University
ABSTRACT With the changes in the Tennessee standards, the testing format has become more rigorous. Teachers who usually made high achievement scores in math, now struggle to adapt to teaching the new TNReady standards and prepare for the TNReady assessment (high stakes assessment). The school selected for this study was a Level 1 (on a 1-5 scale, 1 being the lowest score) in math on the TNReady assessment last school year; scores have been getting lower over the past three years. This study investigated how parental involvement in formative assessment impacts math achievement in 4th grade. By involving parents more in their child’s education, the hope was that math achievement scores would improve. Strategies such as having parents/teachers watch a Parental Involvement in Formative Assessment video and use formative feedback with their child/student were implemented along with other forms of parent/teacher communication such as email, text, phone calls, and notes sent home to parents.
4th grade, Education, Elementary, Formative assessment, Math, Parental involvement, Education, Early childhood education, Mathematics education