The Effect Cutting Weight Has on Bone Mineral Density in Male High School Wrestlers

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Ibarra, Sebastian Daniel
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Middle Tennessee State University
Weight-bearing physical activities can promote bone mineral density (BMD), but wrestlers who maintain dietary restrictions to compete in a lower weight class may be at risk for low BMD. The relationship between BMD and body mass index (BMI), percent body fat (%BF) and weight classes, respectively, in male high school wrestlers was investigated in this study. Existing data from 137 male wrestlers were analyzed. Body composition and BMD measurements were analyzed via DEXA Hologic Discovery, height was measured via Seca Stadiometer, and weight was measured via Seca Digital scale. There were no statistically significant relationships between BMD and weight class (χ2(12, N = 137) = 5.128a, p = .954), BMD and BMI (rpb = .103, n = 137, p = .231), or %BF and BMD (rpb= .007, n = 137, p = .934). Although current data did not show a significant relationship with BMD, further on a potential relationship between low BMI and low BMD is needed. It is also important coaches and wrestlers are educated on balancing nutritional needs and weight.
Kinesiology, Health sciences