Office Housework, The Big 5 Personality, and Work Values: A Correlational Study

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Bourque, Autumn Lynn
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Middle Tennessee State University
This research focused on the link between Office Housework, the Big 5, and Work Values. The limited research on Office Housework suggests that it is an important behavior category to pursue due to potential negative implications for individuals who engage in these behaviors, despite the reality that these behaviors are necessary to the maintain the status quo in a work environment. We tested correlations between Office Housework behaviors and each of the Big 5 personality traits, as well as correlations between Office Housework and a handful of relevant Work Values. For the Big 5 personality traits, we found a positive correlation between Office Housework and conscientiousness, openness, and extraversion. For the Work Values tested, we found a positive correlation between Office Housework and the Helping and Supporting, Enjoyment, and Rule Respecting Values. This research provides potential for a better understanding of the kind of individual who engages in Office Housework.
Office Housework, The Big 5, Work Values, Psychology