The Evolution of Foreign Language Pedagogy

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Brinegar, Casey
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
The Evolution of Pedagogy is a research-based thesis that takes a chronological look at how foreign language teaching methods have developed in the past and how they are developing at present, as well as a consideration of possible future trends. The five methods that were selected represent major shifts in the evolution of foreign language teaching methods. Each is dissected into an introduction of the method, common principles and concepts, advantages, disadvantages, and a conclusion. The five interviews with Middle Tennessee State University faculty provide realistic insight into how these methods have manifested themselves in the lives of professionals. In addition to the chronological research of specialists and the interviews, there is a brief overview of current technological developments affecting foreign languages. This thesis ends with a deliberation on what the ideal future for foreign language pedagogy would look like.
pedagogy, foreign language, teaching method, technology