Have You Ever Seen the Sun Rise

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Srisuriyo, Don
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
As advanced social animals, humans have adapted with the times to satisfy their social needs. The development and progression of the Internet and social media has connected people all over the world. People can socialize and share their lives online with countless others. With this new direction of social satisfaction, social development has changed. Children and teenagers now have easy access to social media, and they spend a lot of time attached to a screen instead of interacting with reality in front of them. Social media has exposed flaws and has exploited strengths of individuals to selectively tune their social behavior. The focus of this creative project is to explore different types of intimacies that individuals may have through their lifetime and how an online environment has created a controversial form of intimacy known as online intimacy.
online, intimacy, relationships, social media, adolescence, friendships