Nuestra Comunidad: A Creative Collage and Translation Exploring the Identity and Growing Influence of the Latino Community in Middle Tennessee

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Rouse, Emily
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
Inspired by The Humans of New York photography project by Brandon Stanton, this thesis project serves to provide an overview of the Latino community in the Middle Tennessee area through two parts: a research portion over various topics of interest and interviews with individuals who identify themselves as Hispanic and/or Latino that are transcribed in English and translated into Spanish also accompanied by photographs of areas of prominence for the community in the Middle Tennessee area. The goal of the project serves to separate the community from the demographics and give a personalized reflection instead and further the knowledge of the researcher through culture and community. It examines demographics thorough the research, but also acknowledges individual perspective on those topics to promote diversity and showcase the growing influence of the Latino community in the US and the Middle Tennessee area.
Liberal Arts, Spanish, Latino, community, translation, Middle Tennessee