Moments: An illustration of music’s effect to elicit emotion in film

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Cameron, J'darius
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
My Honors Creative Thesis is an interdisciplinary project that highlights the role of music in film and its impact of eliciting certain emotions through each scene. To achieve this, I completed a short film to delve deeper into the ways in which music can be used to elicit emotions. The written portion of the project provides a background on the history of film music, its evolution over time, and details my process through the completion of the film. The creative aspect of the thesis is comprised of two identical sequences that are edited with two differing soundtracks to highlight the effect that the music used has on the overall tone, genre, and emotion of the film. The following paper will identify the role that music has in film and deepen the audience’s connection with the film.
Business, film, music, emotions, soundtrack, movie, sound