Music Educators’ Attitudes Toward Integrating Science into Curricular Ensemble Rehearsals

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Ray, Mikaela
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
This survey of Tennessee music educators asks: 1) What are the attitudes of Tennessee music educators in regards to integrating science into their curricular ensembles? 2) How do these attitudes differ based on gender, experience, ensemble type, school district type, and level of education? To answer these questions, the researchers developed and distributed a survey to all Tennessee Music Education Association (TMEA) members. The respondents indicated that they see the benefits of integrating science into their curricular ensemble rehearsal as beneficial, but they do not have adequate time or resources to do so successfully. In addition, teachers in rural districts, younger teachers, teachers with fewer years of teaching experience, and teachers with less education reported less confidence and therefore need even more time and resources to effectively integrate science into their ensemble rehearsals.
music, education, music education, integration, science, subject integration