Ethics of Food Marketing: Non-GMO and GMO Marketing and Labeling

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Cherry, Ally
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
The average consumer does not know where their food comes from. This lack of knowledge has created an environment where marketers are able to take advantage of the fears and unknowns surrounding the food industry. That is most apparent in the debate over genetically modified organisms (GMOs). To date, there are no known effects from GMOs. The process is still relatively new; any long-term responses have not yet been identified. In this research, three products and three marketing campaigns were analyzed based on their advertising and ethics surrounding GMOs. This analysis revealed a need for more detailed legislation on the labeling practices for both GMO and non-GMO products in order to adequately protect consumers. With or without legislation, companies must decide how their brands will address GMOs in an evolving market. By analyzing legislation, labeling, and relevant examples, an accurate picture of the current GMO vs. non-GMO market is formed.
Business, GMO, Non-GMO, advertising, marketing, labeling, ethics, food, genetically modified organisms