A Snapshot of Religious Symbolism in Israel

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Ellis, Caitlyn
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
The purpose of my thesis is to showcase the different types of religious symbolism on display in Israel, a state founded on secular beliefs. I used my knowledge of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to seek out and photograph the use of religious symbolism in different areas of Israel. I began my thesis by hypothesizing that I would find an abundance of religious symbolism in Israel. While that was true in some cases, mostly in Judaism, I was surprised at the lack of symbolism in other cases, particularly Islam. After post-trip reflection, I began sorting through the photographs I took while on the trip and decided which photos would be best to use to support my discoveries about religious symbolism in Israel. I also used my travel journal to reflect upon the thoughts I had about the symbolism I encountered as well as the knowledge I gained while in Israel.
Liberal Arts, Photography, religion, religious, Israel, Middle East, study abroad, travel