Post Education Abroad Perspectives of a Young Black Woman

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Lyons, Aliyah
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
The purpose of this creative project is to encourage and educate more black students to seek opportunities overseas. With my discipline in Visual Communication, I used my photography skills to document interesting moments and created a written account of my experience abroad. After my journey, I decided to share my travel experiences on Instagram to engage with other black students, and perhaps to entice them to travel. After my reflection on the travel experience involved reviewing all my images and journal entries, I investigated national statistics and the plethora of reasons preventing black students from ample opportunity. I then conducted an Instagram survey to receive a better response from the black community. One of the major findings from the survey is that lack of finances is preventing black students from seeking experiences internationally. In light of the Black Travel Movement, I plan to continue my work on social media and build upon my Instagram page with future updates. This creative project making has made a huge impact in life and will continue to have meaning as I encourage other young black Americana to step out of their comfort zone and embrace overseas travel.
study abroad, photography, travel, women, social media, perspective