An Implementation of the Equipment and Techniques used by The Beatles at Abbey Road during the 1960s

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Miller, Jacob
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
This project consisted of three distinct, but interrelated components: (1) research into the REDD series of equipment, particularly the passive equalizer design, used at Abbey Road, (2) documentation of Beatles’ recording sessions, including layout, equipment used, and how the equipment was implemented, and (3) production of new sound recordings on analog tape. The over-arching goal was to mimic conditions of the Abbey Road as closely as possible, including microphone positions, instruments used, duration of sessions, and other variables to produce recordings in the style of The Beatles. To better capture this distinctive style, I also used several effects frequently used by the Beatles, including varispeed, half speed overdubbing, and repeat echo. Thus, I generated an extended play album consisting of three analog songs: “Neon Sunrise,” “Words,” and “How the Tune Goes." !
Beatles, EMI, passive, equaliser, console, analog, magnetic, tape