Encouraging the Acceptance of Human Differences Through Children’s Literature

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Berthelson, Hannah
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
The present Honors Thesis consists of a research project utilizing a qualitative design and an accompanying creative product in which the author sought to encourage the acceptance of general human differences through children’s literature. The purpose of the qualitative research component was to collect and understand the perspectives of parents and adults who have lived with a communication disorder in any way and who have experienced attending speech-language therapy for the first time. Participants included parents of children currently enrolled in speech-language therapy and adults who were enrolled in speech-language therapy as children. The emotions that the participants experienced in the face of comprehending a communication disorder and incorporating a new therapy and therapist into their routines were gathered and analyzed to shape the plot of a children’s storybook. The storybook is intended to help both parents and children better understand speech-language therapy and that communication disorders are just one of many differences expressed by the population of the entire world.
parents, differences, self-esteem, storybooks, speech, language therapy, speech therapy, speech language therapy