The Controversy Surrounding Net Neutrality

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Ingram, Daniel
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
The topic of Net Neutrality is one that I came across via a social media campaign that encouraged users to contact their Congress people and voice their thoughts. I became aware of the principle very near to the time of its legal establishment, as described in the history portion of this document. It is important to note that my intention was to analyze Net Neutrality and understand its pro’s and cons. I wanted to report on both sides, and offer my own input on the matter. Before I was able to write my own thoughts, the decision to uphold Net Neutrality was put into action, and I thought at that point, my opinion may have been irrelevant. However, laws are a product of the people who create them, and the people who create them are those that are inspired to make change. Although a decision has been made, it has been made by such inspired people, and it can be changed further by the same inspired people if necessary. The law is not unable to be changed, and that much is evident in the development of this topic. I consider my opinion, then, to be founded in both inspiration and a desire for change and growth.
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