Underwater Treadmill Training in Acute Complete Spinal Cord Injury: A Case Study

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Grissom, Zeke
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
Purpose: Determine the feasibility and effectiveness of Underwater Treadmill Training (UTT) in the acute phase of a traumatic spinal cord injury Design: Case study Participant: Nineteen-year-old female suffering complete spinal cord injury at T10, due to self-inflicted gunshot wound Method: Six-month intervention involving resistance, overground, and underwater treadmill training Results: Baseline to intermediate tests shows increases in all documented variables as well as observed increases in stamina, posture, gait and a decrease in dependence on assistance. Intermediate to post tests show slight progression in walking distance, decrease in daily steps, and a significant regression in lower body strength in conjunction with an increase in dependence on assistance, observed increase in fatigue, as well as posture and gait regression Conclusion: This study faced many challenges to the participation and adherence to protocol, yet progress was still observed with no notable ill effects, supporting further study on UTT as a form of rehabilitation for a traumatic SCI in the acute phase
underwater treadmill training, spinal cord injury, spinal cord injury; acute, spinal cord injury; safety, spinal cord injury; effectiveness, underwater treadmill effectiveness, underwater treadmill safety