The Threats Posed to Freedom of Speech by use of Deplatforming on College Campuses

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Gagliardi, Daniel
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
This project is an examination and argument concerning the possible dangers the use of deplatfonning poses 10 the princip!es of rree speech. Deplatforming is the act of ensuring a speaker or speakers have no pl.atfonn from which to exercise their speech. whether officially, unofficially, or even by force. fts use and abuse can result in detrimental e.ffects to the state of discussion and debate in a free country. To address this. I studied books and papers on free speech issues and applied them to the act of deplatforming. I e.xamine real cases of deplatfonning. review literature on free speech and surrounding concerns, make an argument for the negatives of deplatforming. examine the opposing arguments. and provide possible solutions in the face of these concerns.