Comparison of the Economics of Vitis aestivalis 'Norton/Cynthiana' Propagation by Cuttings and Tissue Culture

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Brazel, Haley
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
The Vitis aestivalis or the “Norton”/ “Cynthiana” grape is a very hardy grape that possesses unique qualities, like being disease resistant and producing high yields. Normally propagated though traditional, time consuming methods, the Norton grape is very difficult to reproduce. For this study, a survey about traditional propagation methods was sent out to 72 producers and the response rate was low. The development of a propagation method that will cut down on time, labor, and resources will be economically beneficial to the grape industry. The use of tissue cultures to produce viable plantlets will be revolutionary and generate more revenue for producers. Although research surrounding the use of tissue culture propagation has been unsuccessful up to this point, the research needs continue because of the gross profit potential that will be generated from discovering new propagation methods.
College of Basic and Applied Sciences, Norton, Cynthiana propagation, cuttings, tissue culture, comparison, economics, Tennessee, Daniel Norborn Norton