On the Run: A New Paradigm for Representation in Children’s Media

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McPheeters, Margaret
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
This is a creative project that was crafted both out of passion and necessity. Many minorities are underrepresented in cartoons aimed at children and this never sat right with me. I developed a story that showcases the kinds of characters I thought our media was so sorely lacking. It features characters who: are women, are racial minorities, are LGBT, and who suffer from mental illnesses. Above all else, they love each other and interact in ways that show they care for one another no matter what conflicts they encounter. It was important for me to show women supporting other women, especially in a time where society tries to turn them against each other. My project is a storyboard that depicts a scene from the original script. It highlights the different relationships each woman has with one another, as well as including all five of the main characters. In addition to this storyboard, I have researched statistics about minorities in children’s cartoons, and included it to support why I think my show is necessary in today’s society. This show has the ability to bring hope and joy to so many young women; it is more than just a cartoon to me and I hope others will feel the same way.
cartoons, television, animation, minorities, LGBT, mental illness, women, representation, animatic, storyboard, children, diversity, race, race, gender