Re-conceptualizing and Measuring Tacit Knowledge

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Sumaiya, Mariyam
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Middle Tennessee State University
This study attempted to develop a new measure of tacit knowledge based on an updated definition that distinguishes tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge which we built based on Taylor’s taxonomy (2007). Since tacit knowledge is domain specific, we also propose a new method of measuring tacit knowledge that can be replicated across domains. This study occurs in two stages. The participants in the first stage will be recruited from the field of research methodology. The second stage is the validation of the new scale. In the first study, we collected critical incidents from SMEs about their experiences in research. Based on this, we created the new tacit knowledge measure. We also relied on textbooks to create an explicit measure. In the second study, we examine the factor structure of this new measure. We also analyze the relationship of the new measure with research performance, expertise, mindfulness, and metacognition. We did not find any strong or moderate relationships. We found some support for the link between tacit knowledge and mindfulness.
Expertise, Explicit Knowledge, Measure, Research Methods, Situational Judgement Test, Tacit Knowledge, Psychology