How a Federal Bottle Bill Can Increase Recycling Rates in the United States

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Whittaker, Heather
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
This research thesis examines the impact that past and current state bottle bills have had on recycling rates and reducing litter and landfill waste. Particular attention is given to the Michigan bottle bill because they have consistently yielded the highest return rates for beverage containers. I also study the effects of Delaware’s decision to revoke their bottle bill. After studying the positive and negative effects of state bottle bills, I propose the best solution to increase recycling rates is by implementing a federal bottle bill. This research thesis examines the currently proposed federal bottle bills and considers the effects that a federal bottle bill would have on the beverage industry, retailers, and consumers. Finally, a conclusion is reached determining the solution that will be the best to increase recycling rates and reduce litter and landfill waste.