Things Go Better with Nostalgia: How the Coca-Cola Company Uses Brand Storytelling to Influence Its Holiday Marketing Efforts

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Weatherford, Anthony
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
The idea of Santa Claus and Christmas go hand in hand for most people, largely because of the effective marketing of the Coca-Cola Company. Beginning in the 1930’s, the Coca-Cola Company revolutionized the idea of Santa and has continued to influence the magic of Christmas ever since. Nostalgia and brand storytelling explain Coca-Cola’s tremendous success in marketing their brand and associating it with Christmas and Santa. Results of a survey of 600 Tennessee residents highlight the success Coca-Cola has had associating their brand with Santa and cementing in consumers’ minds the connection between Coca-Cola and Christmas. A “Share a Letter with Santa” promotional campaign is proposed as a means by which Coca-Cola can new technology and media to leverage its positive brand equity with new uses of nostalgia to reinforce the associations between Coca-Cola and Santa.
Business, Coca-cola, marketing, advertising, nostalgia, brand storytelling, integrated marketing communications