The Flower and the Serpent

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Mackenna O’Sullivan
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
This thesis explores film adaptations of Shakespeare’s work, accompanied by an original screenplay of an adaptation of Macbeth, titled The Flower and the Serpent. The introduction serves to further the viewer’s understanding of how source material is used in adaptations and what characteristics make them successful while maintaining a special focus on adaptations of Shakespeare's Macbeth alongside personal reflections of my screenwriting process. The screenplay works in tandem with the introduction with elements mentioned in the paper being implemented into the screenplay. The original screenplay brings Macbeth into the modern-day United States setting. It finds its footing on the political stage with ambition and intrigue playing a major role. It also features more inclusive characters in an effort to appeal to a younger audience. This thesis aims to expand the reach and admiration of Shakespeare's Macbeth by introducing it in a more contemporary environment with characters more reflective of today’s society. KEYWORDS: Macbeth; Shakespeare; screenplay; adaptation