Improving Print Knowledge of Bilingual Children through Shared Book Reading and Print Referencing

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Brown, Lindsey
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
According to several studies bilingual children struggle more with reading in their early school years than their monolingual peers. This research study explores the possibility of helping them improve their print knowledge through print referencing (PR) and shared book reading (SBR). Twelve students ages 4-7 were part of this 8-week research project. They were read to twice weekly using PR and SBR. Before and after the study the students were evaluated and given subtests (Alphabet Recitation, Upper-case Print, Lower-case Print, and Listening Comprehension) from the Brigance Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills. It was found that student showed significant improvement for the subtests whose skills were targeted: Upper- and Lower-case Print. Results indicate that bilingual children improve their knowledge of print similarly to monolingual children.
Behavioral and Health Sciences, print referencing, bilingual, shared book reading