Developing an Application as a Learning Supplement for Key Concepts in x86_64 Assembly Language Programming using NASM

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Warren, Margaret
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University Honors College, Middle Tennessee State University
This creative project primarily focuses on how sports journalists use Twitter in their daily lives to maintain a job in the sports industry. Many think social media is easy to use, and almost silly at that; but, if done correctly social media can truly be a helpful, if not essential, tool in careers. Multiple sports journalists, sports reporters, athletes, teams and social media specialists argue that Twitter plays an essential role in the sports industry if used correctly. Many studies and discussions, explained in this written document, have been made focusing on Twitter’s power in the sports community. However, there are many intricate features and functions on the platform that bring users to use Twitter to its fullest potential. This A-Z handbook walks through Twitter tips, tricks and tactics used by journalists, and how they can specifically be applied to sports journalists.