Building the Bridge: A Case Study for the Significance of Cross-Cultural Education in the 21st Century

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Doole, Ryan
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
As the world continues to advance, current events and international developments keep the citizens of the 21st Century involved in the Earth’s matters now more than ever. Everything from the fostering of the most interconnected and globalized time on Earth to international tensions with countries like China and the United States has brought about a need for individuals to understand the world for their personal growth and establish an informed worldview applicable to the 21st Century. This thesis delves into the Center for MTSU Chinese Music and Culture’s role in cross-cultural education through the lens of the experiences and perspectives of those involved with the Center, including MTSU faculty members, students of the Chinese Music Ensemble, and others. This thesis demonstrates cross-cultural education’s importance in building cultural bridges during these turbulent times.
College of Liberal Arts, Cross-Cultural Education, Chinese, Culture, China, Center for Chinese Music and Culture, Confucius Institute, MTSU, Ensemble, Music