The Relationship between Parental Involvement and High School Athletes' Performance and Enjoyment

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Ball, Jarod
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University Honors College Middle Tennessee State University
Purpose: To determine the relationship between parental feedback to high school children and athletic performance and enjoyment, respectively. Procedures: Electronic questionnaires were distributed to adults who majored in Exercise Science or participated in the Honors College at Middle Tennessee State University. A total of 139 responses from post-high school athletes across 18 different sports were received. Results: There were no statistically significant differences in sport performance across the categories of parental feedback, (F (1, 2) = 0.652, p > .05). There was also no statistically significant relationship between parental feedback and enjoyment of high school sports, (𝝌2 (4) = 3.051, p > .05). Conclusion: Previous studies demonstrated a positive relationship between parents and their young children’s enjoyment and performance in their sport. This study revealed this impact tends to dissipate when their children reach high school.
College of Behavioral and Health Sciences, Parental Feedback, Performance, Enjoyment, Psychology, Youth Sports, High School Athletes